Turning AI into concrete value: roadmaps for successful implementation.

14-05-2019 - Kortrijk , Barco

Frederik De Bosschere

Frederik is strategist & digital Swiss Army knife. He creates digital products & services that affect & empower people.

Consider Frederik as big on design thinking, high on technology. He thrives on the hope that he hasn’t done his best work yet.

Frederik feels privileged to work at In The Pocket. Additionally, he does regular speaking events, publishes a biweekly tech column on VRT NWS, and has created Shift, an innovation card game.

Nicolas Deruytter

Nicolas holds masters in Electromechanical engineering and Operations Research. Being a huge data geek, Nicolas started ML6 right after graduating cum laude. Now, the company advances cutting-edge Machine Learning research and applies machine learning techniques to solve the hardest business challenges. ML6 is one of the fastest growing AI start-ups in Belgium and is one of the preferred Machine Learning partners of Google worldwide. Working at the nexus of innovation, Nicolas is an expert applying state-of-the art technologies to create value for businesses.

about the seminar

Organizations and companies are always getting more convinced of the benefits of AI, taking the optimization of business processes, products and employee engagement as an example. However, companies are struggling to determine how their AI strategy should look like and how to move forward. One thing is certain: not riding the AI waves could possibly make companies and organisaties obsolete and even irrelevant when comparing them to their competitors and customers that did grab the opportunity to engage in a future with AI.

In order to make well-informed decisions, it would be a positive step for businesses, C-levels and customers if they would feel more familiar with AI through concrete use cases and high-end demonstrations focusing on how this could accelerate the growth rate of every business. Think about the overview of ROI, critical reflections on (in-house) development costs, infrastructure, team structure, implementation strategy, follow-up and long- and short-term critical success factors.

>A survey by McKinsey Global Institute among 3.000 C-levels across 10 countries and 14 sectors concluded that AI delivers real value to companies when AI is implemented from within and when used across operations. Based on that research, MIT Sloan Management Review identified five fundamental strategies on how to maximize the potential of AI:

  • Plan to grow, don’t just cut. Executives should not only approach AI as a tool to cut costs. AI should be embraced as an instrument to expand business by creating new products or services, increasing productivity, or winning more market share.
  • Invest in both technical and managerial talent capabilities. Uncertainty and scarcity of AI-related human capabilities are the main reasons for not adopting AI. New job categories are required, which demands management from the highest-level leaders. This means we need investments in AI profiles, but also in new leadership skills to deal with the transformational power of AI.
  • Be open to revise your strategic goals. Choose the offense strategy by pioneering new products and business models instead of protecting your business lines.
  • Rely on a solid digital foundation. Invest in data. AI works best when it is fed with high-quality and reliable data.
  • Help nurture the creation of AI ecosystems. The adoption of AI in companies and organizations is accelerated if a fertile and self-sustaining ecosystem is available. Networking and interactions with researchers, developers, financiers and customers is a solid basis for creating AI ecosystems, supported by government policies.

During this final seminar, Sebastiaan Van den Branden & Frederik De Bosschere from In The Pocket will show you how to apply AI to your business, and create better experiences for your customers or users, boost employee efficiency, streamline operations for stakeholders, etc. Take the AI-journey, choose your strategy and roadmaps wisely, do it knowingly.

Turning AI into concrete value: roadmaps for successful implementation.

Frederik De Bosschere

Tijdens deze lezing zullen Sebastiaan Van den Branden & Frederik De Bosschere van In The Pocket u meenemen in hoe AI toegepast kan worden binnen uw bedijf, hoe u met AI uw customer experience kunt overstijgen, hoe de efficiëntie van uw werknemers te verhogen, de verschillende acties voor uw stakeholders te stroomlijnen, enz. Onderneem samen met ons de AI-ontdekkingsreis in de praktijk, bepaal uw strategie en routeplan op goed doordachte wijze en zorg dat u klaar bent voor een heuse transformatie. Er worden concrete innovatieve cases voorgesteld door het team van In the Pocket.

How to get started with AI - concrete use cases by ML6

Nicolas Deruytter

Er is nog werk aan de winkel voor Belgische en Europese bedrijven. “Op het vlak van artificiële intelligentie worden we met rasse schreden voorbij gestoken door landen zoals China en de Verenigde Staten”, waarschuwt Xander Steenbrugge, AI-specialist bij ML6. “Om internationaal mee te spelen moeten Belgische bedrijven een tandje bijsteken. Daarom hebben we er bij ML6 onze missie van gemaakt om Belgische bedrijven te helpen om hun data op een slimme manier te (her)gebruiken en daar belangrijke inzichten uit te halen, waarbij we voornamelijk focussen op grote bedrijven in de industrie en retail. Hierdoor willen we er mee voor zorgen dat we ook in Europa de vruchten plukken van artificiële intelligentie en machine learning.” In deze presentatie neemt ML6 CEO Nicolas Deruytter u mee naar de wondere wereld van algoritmes en optimalisatie. ML6 waagt zich aan activiteiten waar de grote internetgiganten eveneens aan werken. Bereid u voor op high-end demonstraties van de huidige mogelijkheden van AI.

after the talk

Concrete innovation-driven use cases will be presented by the team of In the Pocket. Interact with the presenters and discuss the outcome, the journey and strategy that has led to the successful implementation of AI into diverse products and services. Experienced AI travelers will accompany you along the way with a custom-made AI roadmap for your business.

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